Void Acoustics Touring Systems

Void Acoustics Touring Systems products can be seen in many of the world’s largest arenas and on tours of all sizes and musical styles.
It’s not just the rental sector that’s making use of Void touring products. Many prestigious live venues have benefited from permanently installing Void systems, gaining loyalty among their patrons for the consistent sound quality they are now able to achieve!
Larger systems may benefit from a combination of Touring, Club Sound and Installation systems to create larger, more flexible audio systems.

Arcline breaks the mold with highly versatile line array designs. Offering superb coupling between adjacent enclosures, smooth and flat frequency response, exceptionally practical horizontal coverage patterns, plus quick and easy rigging, the Arcline series set new standards in sound reinforcement. With their superior pattern control and power output, Arcline line arrays will cover indoor and outdoor acoustic spaces with substantially fewer units. Their constant sound intensity over the stated coverage angles, and their exceptional linearity from the near-to-far field transition point, means that all audience members will experience virtually identical sound quality.

The flagship Stasys point source series meets the most stringent requirements for shows, events, and performances of every imaginable genre. Featuring advanced pattern control, ultra-low distortion, and superb acoustic coupling among adjacent units, Stasys loudspeakers are especially effective in large, reverberant spaces because they effortlessly direct the sound where it’s needed. They are perfectly suited for use in houses of worship, concert halls, theatres, clubs, outdoor performance venues, sports facilities and more. Stasys products are equally at home whether permanently installed or used for touring and other temporary events such as large AV presentations.

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