Void Acoustics Club Sound

Void Acoustics Club Sound products are the ultimate in audio system expression for bars, night clubs, hotels and dance venues.
The futuristic styling and immaculate attention to detail, coupled with premium audio performance ensure that these systems will keep the dancefloor packed all night long.
Void Acoustics Club Sound products can be combined with Installation and Touring speakers to create systems to can cover all areas of a venue, from the dancefloor to the VIP room.

The ground-breaking Air Series are some of the most provocative designs available in the Void Acoustics Club Sound Systems range. They are sought after by ultra-modern dance clubs around the world. Often located directly over the dance floor due to their huge sonic impact as well as being significant visual attractions in their own right. The more powerful Tri Motion with its distinctive form and performance figures proves once again that Void leads the market in terms of aesthetics. Airten, is the perfect complement in delay and area fill applications, and in its own right as a dedicated DJ monitor. All Air series products provide exceptionally high power output with a non-fatiguing sonic signature that is as irresistible to the ear as their exotic visuals are to the eye.

Nexus brings the performance and styling of the future to the here and now. Its radical styling is born from a new approach to delivering the best fidelity and coverage for the club scene of tomorrow. Virtual Arc technology is implemented in all the midtop enclosures to form a common acoustic center that exists rearwards of the array. Because of this, the same aural experience can be had by all that are in the throw of the Nexus, wherever they are.

Designed with the sole purpose of being the best dance club system available, Incubus redefines expectations around the world. Providing levels of control thought impossible, its ability to deliver both linear frequency and power shading within a single mid top enclosure ensures perfect sound for everyone on the dance floor. Incubus is the number one choice for discerning interior designers because its physical signature cries out for extreme expression. Anyone looking to push both sonic and visual boundaries to the edge whilst raising mankind’s awareness via elevated forms of entertainment needs to audition Incubus.

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