Touring Systems

Void Acoustics touring systems products can be found in many of the world’s largest arenas and on tours of all sizes and musical styles. But it’s not just the rental sector that’s making use of Void’s world-class products, many prestigious live venues have benefited from permanently installing Void systems, gaining loyalty among their patrons for the consistent sound quality they are now able to achieve!

Arcline Series

Arcline Line Array System

Arcline’s consistent sound intensity and linearity provides the entire audience with virtually identical sound, irrespective of where they stand. Quick and easy rigging, smooth and flat frequency response, an exceptionally practical 110-degree horizontal coverage pattern, and substantially fewer units than typically required to efficiently cover indoor and outdoor acoustic spaces are just some of the things to love about Arcline line arrays.

Void Arcline8


Three-Way Line Array Module

Void Arcline212


2x 12″ Flyable Low Frequency Enclosure

Void Arcline118


18″ Subwoofer

Void Arcline218


2x 18″ Subwoofer

Arcline Series

Arcline Monitors

The Arcline series ArcM speakers have multiple working angles, allowing them to be used as near field booth monitors or conventional stage wedges, as well as having the ability to be pole mounted or wall mounted for front-of-house purposes. In terms of mobility, measures have been taken to reduce weight, while maintaining an ergonomic design to appease manual handling requirements.

Void ArcM12

ArcM 12

12″ Coaxial Wedge Monitor

Void ArcM15

ArcM 15

15″ Coaxial Wedge Monitor

Stasys Series

Stasys Subwoofers

Stasys series subwoofers provide high SPL and ultra-low distortion. They are equally at home in larger permanent installations or used for touring and rental applications.

Void Stasys118

Stasys 118

18″ Reflex-Loaded Subwoofer

Void Stasys218

Stasys 218

2x 18″ Reflex-Loaded Subwoofer

Void Stasys X V2

Stasys X V2

2x 18″ Horn-Loaded Subwoofer

Void X-Horn


Horn Extension Cabinet

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