Void Acoustics Installation Systems

Void Acoustics manufacture a large variety of professional audio products for permanent installation.
Void Acoustics Installation Systems include loudspeakers and subwoofers, designed for the sole purpose of providing high-quality audio reproduction in fixed installation environments both indoors and outdoors.
Combining Installation Series products with Void Club Sound and Touring systems allows the creation of larger bespoke systems, which can be implemented into any venue with a requirement for accurate and engaging audio reproduction.

The Venu series has been created to provide everything expected from a range of loudspeakers moulded by the demands of leading installation contractors and integrators around the world. The Venu series is so convenient to install and use – with the Easy Hang wall bracket that supports the enclosure either vertically or horizontally and requires only one set of hands to attach the enclosure to the bracket; a Phoenix connector with link outs for super quick and reliable hook ups; and a rotatable high frequency horn that allows the correct dispersion to be maintained in vertical or horizontal mounting positions. Multiple flying points and rust-proof grille and fittings make Venu the ideal solution for beach bars and other potentially corrosive environments.

The visually stunning Indigo series combines futuristic looks with esoteric audio performance to bring a newly level of sophistication every venue will want to be seen with.
Indigo is the first range of loudspeakers that has been created for the new heightened awareness in style that today’s venue designers aspire too. Boundaries are being pushed in all areas of the entertainment industry, with the visual aspect becoming evermore important. Indigo not only fulfills your quest for the ultimate in styling, it will also bring a new level of sonic richness you never thought possible.

The Cyclone series has been developed to raise the levels of audio quality and visual aesthetics for a wide range of outdoor applications that involve exposure to the elements. This range of beautifully sculpted loudspeakers uses a combination of marine-grade 316 stainless steel hardware and UV stabilised finishes to ensure a durable and robust product range.