Club Sound Systems

Void Acoustics touring systems products can be found in many of the world’s largest arenas and on tours of all sizes and musical styles. But it’s not just the rental sector that’s making use of Void’s world-class products, many prestigious live venues have benefited from permanently installing Void systems, gaining loyalty among their patrons for the consistent sound quality they are now able to achieve!

Air Series

Designer Audio Systems

The distinct appearance and sound quality of the Air series are what Void Acoustics first became known for in the audio industry. A firm favourite with clubs looking to create a dance experience that truly makes an impact, Air series products provide exceptionally high power output with a non-fatiguing sonic signature, making them a real talking point within any environment wishing to impress.

Void Air8

Air 8

Passive 8″ Two-Way Loudspeaker

Void Airten V3

Airten V3

Passive 10″ Three-Way Loudspeaker

Void Air Vantage

Air Vantage

Passive 12″ Two-Way Loudspeaker

Void Air Motion

Air Motion V2

Bi-Amped 12″ Three-Way Loudspeaker

Void Tri Motion

Tri Motion

Bi-Amped 15″ Three-Way Loudspeaker

Void Air Stream

Air Stream

Bi-Amped 15″ Three-Way DJ Monitor

Void Sub Vantage

Sub Vantage

Quad 15″ DJ Monitoring Subwoofer

Void Stasys Xair

Stasys X-Air

Dual 18″ Horn-Loaded Subwoofer

Nexus Series

Large-Format Designer Audio System

Nexus brings the performance and styling of the future to the here and now. Its radical styling is born from a new approach to delivering the best fidelity and coverage for the club scene of tomorrow.

Void Nexus 6

Nexus 6

Bi-Amped, Two-Way Array Loudspeaker

Void Nexus Q

Nexus Q

4 x 12″ Upper Bass Enclosure

Void Nexus X

Nexus X

8 x 12″ Low Frequency Enclosure

Void Nexus XL

Nexus XL

21″ Low Frequency Enclosure


5-Way Club Stack System

Designed with the sole purpose of being the best dance club system available, Incubus redefines expectations around the world. It is the number one choice for discerning interior designers because its physical signature cries out for extreme expression. Anyone looking to push both sonic and visual boundaries to the edge whilst raising mankind’s awareness via elevated forms of entertainment needs to audition Incubus.

Void Air Array

Air Array

Bi-Amped, Three-Way Loudspeaker Array

Void Hyperfold


Quad 15″ Upper-Bass Enclosure

Void Incubus Sub

Incubus Sub

Tripe 21″ Low-Frequency Enclosure

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