Compact solution
High-quality sound
IP44 Ingress protection
Flush mount
High-efficiency amplifier

The SSP500 ‘Sauna’ speakers are specifically designed to be installed in harsh environments with high levels of moisture and humidity such as bathrooms, spas and swimming pool areas.

PURRA5.1 is available in white finish

PURRA solutions can cover areas of around 30m²


High-quality sound
IP55 Ingress protection
Suface mount
High-efficiency amplifier

The characteristics of AUDAC’s Outdoor WX-series loudspeakers enable them to be installed in places such as terraces, beer gardens and other outdoor areas.

PURRA5.2 is available in either black or white finish

PURRA solutions can cover areas of around 30m²


Extremely Powerful
High quality sound
IP X-5 rating
Stackable & Flyable Solution

A large-format outdoor audio system which consists of FX series
loudspeakers and subwoofers, powered by SMQ series amplifiers with inbuilt WaveDynamics™ DSP processing.

FORTE315.4 is supplied with black speakers and subwoofers.

This system is suitable for areas of around 250m²

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