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Audac Power Amplifiers

Highly efficient multi-channel amplifiers for low impedance and 100v applications where single or multi-zone coverage is needed. These amplifiers are designed for permanent installation, providing reliability, flexibility and low running costs, the perfect combination for any install.

Audac Energy-Efficient Power Amplifiers

These Class-D power amplifiers provide outstanding sound quality, excellent efficiency and very low heat dissipation.

The EPA series consists of two and four-channel energy-efficient amplifiers that will automatically switch to a standby mode when no audio signals are detected (less than 1watt power consumption in standby mode). Their low weight, compact size and passively-cooled designs makes these single rack space amplifiers ideal for fixed installations. The four-channel models (EPA104 & EPA254) feature integrated active crossover networks, which make it possible to us a single amplifier as a complete solution for installations which require stereo loudspeakers and a subwoofer.

The DPA616 is a sixteen-channel power amplifier. It’s a perfect solution for large, multi-zone audio distribution systems with 8 or 16 audio zones.

Audac 100v Power Amplifiers

These professional power amplifiers are designed to be used in any 100v PA system. They are available in either mono or multi-channel configuration and are ‘non nonsense’ amplifiers, proving only the necessary controls and connections which simplifies installation and provides greater reliability.

The CPA series are single channel (mono) power amplifiers, they include several speaker outputs for use in 100v, 70v & low impedance applications.

The CAP Series are multi-channel power amplifiers, they are available with either two or four output channels with output power of between 120 and 480 watts per channel. All CAP models feature 100v outputs, while the CAP412 also features 70v and 4ohm outputs.

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