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Audac Mixer / Amplifiers

These highly efficient, multi-channel mixer / amplifiers for 100v and low impedance applications provide the ideal solution for small to medium sized commercial sound systems.

COM Series Mixer / Amplifier

The COM series public address mixer / amplifiers provide an ideal solution for small to medium size commercial sound systems. Different configurations in terms of output power and connectivity provides enormous flexibility for numerous applications.

The COM104 / COM108 mixer / amplifiers contains three inputs, allowing connection of up to two line-level sources and a microphone. Switchable microphone priority and phantom power ensures usability in all types of scenarios and compatibility with all types of microphones.

The COM12MKII / COM24MKII large-scale mixer / amplifiers provide six analog input channels  as well as additional inputs for a remote microphone and tele-paging. Linking inputs and outputs allow the possibility to cascade these units with other audio devices and amplifiers. Other features include an inbuilt chime, external mute contact and five selectable speaker zone outputs.

Audac AMP Mixer / Amplifiers

AMP series products are mini stereo mixer amplifiers. Their 2 x 15 watt power rating make them a perfect choice for small speaker systems requiring compact and economical audio solutions.

AMP20MKII includes a stereo balanced line input along with a microphone input. A remote wall mixer can be connected for applications where additional inputs and local input mixing is desirable. Installation of an additional wall controller for overall volume control is also possible.

AMP523MKII includes four stereo line inputs and one balanced microphone input (with phantom power). The switching between the inputs, volume and other function controls can be done in multiple ways including a wallmount keypad, RS232 port or control app for iOS and Android devices

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