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DSP Power Amplifiers

These Class-D power amplifiers are equipped with Audac’s WaveDynamics™ audio processing technology. They are available in multiple configurations and power levels with either two or four channel outputs. Their great flexibility and different configurations (including low impedance and 100v line models) make them the solution for nearly every system, no matter if it’s a fixed installation or a mobile application.

Audac DSP Power Amplifiers

The SMA / SMQ Series are two / four channel power amplifiers featuring Audac’s WaveDynamics™ digital signal processing, providing a new standard for affordable audio amplification in both fixed and mobile audio installations.
The WaveDynamics™ DSP processor in combination with the 2.5” LCD display gives an unmatched user experience, with intuitive functions and easy configuration. Acoustics can be optimized via the adjustable filters, parametric equalizers, delay, dynamic bass boost and audio limiting. Numerous levels of system security can be enabled via either password or USB-key protection, an input selection matrix provides input flexibility while the RS-232 port allows for simple system integration.
The addition of an ANI22/44 expansion card allows connection of the amplifier to a Dante network.

Audac 100v DSP Power Amplifiers

The PMQ series are professional 100v quad-channel power amplifiers, providing a new standard for premium constant voltage amplification in public address applications. Their advanced features and availability in different output powers provide enormous flexibility for numerous applications, while the inclusion of Audac’s WaveDynamics™ DSP processing allows you to make acoustical adjustments to your audio signal, including adjusting filters, EQ, delay, limiting and more. An RS-232 control port and an extremely flexible input matrix make the PMQ series perfect for fixed installation applications.
The addition of an ANI44 expansion card allows connection of the amplifier to a Dante network.

Audac Amplifier Accessories

The ANI22 and ANI44 are Dante audio network interfaces for installation into WaveDynamics™ series amplifiers. The ANI22 has two input and two output channels and can be used with the SMA 2-channel amplifiers, while the ANI44 has four input and four output channels and can be used with the SMQ and PMQ 4-channel amplifiers. The ANI modules allow these DSP power amplifiers to be integrated into any Dante enabled AV network.

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