Wallplates & Connectors

PROCAB’s range of wallplate and connector products provide you with a diverse range of easy-to-terminate connectivity solutions for audio, loudspeaker, video and data applications.

PROCAB’s range of modular, solderless wallplate products make it easy to create bespoke connectivity solutions without having to reach for the soldering iron.

Based on 45mm-sized wallplate housings, PROCAB offer solderless Neutrik XLR and NL4 wallplates along with a myriad of ‘Keystone’-sized connectors, allowing the design and installation of truly custom wallplate connectivity systems.

PROCAB HDMI Keystone Adaptor
‘Keystone’ Video Inserts
VCK450 Product Info
PROCAB Keystone Data Connectors
‘Keystone’ Data Inserts
VCK510 Product Info
PROCAB Connectors

These PROCAB connectors provide the final link to your cable requirements.
This range of audio, loudspeaker and data connectors allow you to freely terminate your cables for any conceivable application.

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