Basic Series

Basic Series premade cables from PROCAB are a collection of the audio, video and data cables that you always require in your installations.

These reasonably priced cables provide solid, flexible, reliable solutions, primarily for fixed installations and permanent applications.

PROCAB’s Basic Series are a collection of no-nonsense, universally-usable, premade audio, video and data cables which are the perfect choice for fixed installations.

Supplied in energy-conscious packaging and available in multiple lengths, this range works perfectly for the commercial AV integrator. The cables are especially useful when hooking-up equipment in AV systems racks and data centres, connecting visual devices and displays and any other general audio, video and data cabling requirements.

Procab CAB901 Microphone Cable
Microphone Cables
CAB901 Product Info
Procab CAB800 Stereo Audio Cable
Stereo Audio Cables
CAB800 Product Info

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