PROCAB TST200 Cable Tester

PROCAB Multifunctional Cable Tester

Whether installing a new cable, or troubleshooting an existing one, a good cable tester plays an important role in creating faultless connections.

The TST200 Multifunctional cable tester from PROCAB is able to test a large number of audio, video and data connections such as XLR (3-pin/5-pin), 3.5mm jack, 6.3mm jack, DIN (3-pin/5-pin), RCA, SpeakON (4-pin), RJ45, RJ11 and BNC.

Thanks to the split unit design, it is possible to test cables which have been installed in a venue or setup on stage, without having to bring the cable ends to one location. This time saving feature removes the hassle of packing down your cables just for testing.

Along with being able to test all of your cables, the TST200 also includes an inbuilt 1kHz tone generator, a perfect test signal for testing audio levels and loudspeakers. Plus, it can also test for continuity too

The TST200 is a must-have tool for every audio professional!

Discover all of the features of the TST200 Here.

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