Automatic device discovery AUDAC Touch™ 2 will automatically discover and recognize all devices connected on your network, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly add them to your own custom dashboards.

New Features for AUDAC Touch 2™

AUDAC have introduced several ground-breaking new features to the AUDAC Touch™ 2 control platform.

Automatic device discovery
AUDAC Touch™ 2 will automatically discover and recognize all devices connected on your network, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly add them to your own custom dashboards.

Mixing functionality
AUDAC Touch™ 2 now supports control of the input matrix mixer of the AUDAC M2 multimedia digital audio mixer. This allows simple input level adjustment and the mixing of multiple sources from any smart device.

Audio streaming services
AUDAC Touch™ 2 supports control of the AUDAC NMP40 audio streaming SourceCon™ module.
The NMP40 provides a complete audio streaming solution for both residential and commercial applications, thanks to the collaborations with Spotify™ and Soundtrack Your Brand©.

Multi-platform support
AUDAC Touch™ 2 is compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux, providing you unlimited system control regardless of your operating system.

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AUDAC MBK556 Speaker Pole

AUDAC Outdoor Loudspeaker Mounting Pole

The AUDAC MBK556 is a slim and durable bi-directional mounting solution which has been specifically designed for our AUDAC WX502 outdoor loudspeakers.

Constructed from aluminium and finished in a weather-resistant black powder coating, it can be installed in permanent outdoor locations, while a weatherproof junction box provides internal wiring through its structure resulting in a very elegant end result.

The multifunctional design makes it possible to mount either one or two WX502 loudspeakers to each pole, providing optimal audio coverage in all directions. It is perfectly suited to being mounted in a garden bed, on a deck or to any other solid structure, providing a solution for outdoor bars, beer gardens, cafés, public spaces, schools, carparks or anywhere an elegant outdoor audio solution is required.


PROCAB TST200 Cable Tester

PROCAB Multifunctional Cable Tester

Whether installing a new cable, or troubleshooting an existing one, a good cable tester plays an important role in creating faultless connections.

The TST200 Multifunctional cable tester from PROCAB is able to test a large number of audio, video and data connections such as XLR (3-pin/5-pin), 3.5mm jack, 6.3mm jack, DIN (3-pin/5-pin), RCA, SpeakON (4-pin), RJ45, RJ11 and BNC.

Thanks to the split unit design, it is possible to test cables which have been installed in a venue or setup on stage, without having to bring the cable ends to one location. This time saving feature removes the hassle of packing down your cables just for testing.

Along with being able to test all of your cables, the TST200 also includes an inbuilt 1kHz tone generator, a perfect test signal for testing audio levels and loudspeakers. Plus, it can also test for continuity too

The TST200 is a must-have tool for every audio professional!

Discover all of the features of the TST200 Here.

CAYMON OPR Series Rack

New Design For CAYMON Open-frame Racks

CAYMON have updated the design of their popular OPR Series equipment racks.

The OPR Series racks are open-frame equipment racks which are suitable for wall mounted or floor standing installation.

With this latest update, it is possible to alter the overall depth of the rack, adjustable from 300mm to 450mm. This allows the racks to be installed in a greater number of locations, especially when integrating them into existing furniture.

The rugged steel construction allows for pre-loading of the equipment into the rack before transportation to the installation site.
Delivered flat-packed, the simple structure allows assembly by a single person in a record-breaking time.

Click here to check out the new OPR Series (and all other CAYMON racks).

Ground-Breaking Upgrade for AUDAC System Manager


Ground-Breaking Upgrade for AUDAC System Manager


AUDAC System Manager is a multi-platform software application, used to discover and control AUDAC’s range of intelligent audio devices. AUDAC’s software engineers have come up with an ingenious new feature that will save a lot of time tweaking when setting up audio systems.

AUDAC System Manager now includes a new feature called WaveDynamics™ configurator, which allows you to optimize and protect your loudspeakers sets extremely accurately.
The existing SMA, SMQ and the new PMQ amplifiers along with the new NOBA8A subwoofer systems can take advantage of these new functions, which allow all audio configurations to be created in AUDAC System Manager and exported to a USB drive for loading into the desired amplifier or speaker set.


PROCAB DuraFlex™ CAT5E Networking Cables

The PROCAB PRD500 and PRD520 are premade CAT5E cables, from the Prime Series, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a life on the road, thanks to the use of PROCAB’s PCT50SF DuraFlex™ cable. They are available with either gold plated RJ45 connectors (PRD500) or Neutrik Ethercon connectors (PRD520).

The PROCAB PCT50SF networking cable has been specifically designed for the growing number of digital applications in the professional AV industry. Unlike any other CAT5E cable available on the market, the PCT50SF features a DuraFlex™ outer jacket constructed using a double-extrusion technique with a polyurethane outer and PVC inner jacket. The polyurethane outer jacket offers an excellent resistance against mechanical wear due to pulling, bending, cracking and UV exposure, while the PVC inner jacket keeps it easy to handle. The conductor section consists of 4 pairs with stranded 24 AWG conductors which guarantees optimal signal transmission while the double shielding consisting of an overall aluminum foil surrounded by a braiding offers a high immunity to noise and interference caused by external devices.

Supports 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 1000Base-T gigabit networks.

MRC Audio Limiters Available in Australia

MRC Audio Limiters


Intelligent Audio Limiters From Spanish Manufacturer MRC Audio Are Now Available In Australia!


We are delighted to announce that Audio Logistics have been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributors for MRC Audio, manufacturers of Intelligent Audio Limiters.

Established in 1991, MRC Audio design and manufacture sound system limiting devices from their facilities in Madrid, Spain.

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