Caymon Modular Rackmount Keystone Panel

Caymon BSK124

Caymon Modular Rackmount Keystone Panel


Caymon have just released the BSK124, a 24-space, modular, 19″ keystone patch panel.
Compatible with PROCAB’s range of Keystone inserts, the BSK124 allows you to make bespoke audio, video and data patch panels which can be specifically tailored to the needs of any AV installation or application.

Popular connections which can be installed into the patch panel include; HDMI, USB, RJ45 (Ethernet / Network), MiniJack and RCA. Plus, when using the PROCAB Keystone inserts, all connections are SOLDERLESS, making installation quick and reliable.

Ground-Breaking Upgrade for AUDAC System Manager


Ground-Breaking Upgrade for AUDAC System Manager


AUDAC System Manager is a multi-platform software application, used to discover and control AUDAC’s range of intelligent audio devices. AUDAC’s software engineers have come up with an ingenious new feature that will save a lot of time tweaking when setting up audio systems.

AUDAC System Manager now includes a new feature called WaveDynamics™ configurator, which allows you to optimize and protect your loudspeakers sets extremely accurately.
The existing SMA, SMQ and the new PMQ amplifiers along with the new NOBA8A subwoofer systems can take advantage of these new functions, which allow all audio configurations to be created in AUDAC System Manager and exported to a USB drive for loading into the desired amplifier or speaker set.

Procab Duraflex™ CAT5E Networking Cables

Procab Prime Series Data Cables


Procab Duraflex™ CAT5E Networking Cables with RJ45 / Ethercon Connectors


We have received stock of the new Procab Prime Series Data Cables.
The PRD500 and PRD520 are CAT5E cables, constructed from PCT50SF cable and terminated with either gold plated RJ45 connectors (PRD500) or Neutrik Ethercon connectors (PRD520).

The PCT50SF networking cable has been specifically designed for the growing number of digital applications in the professional AV industry. Unlike any other CAT5E cable available on the market, the PCT50SF features a Duraflex™ outer jacket constructed using a double-extrusion technique with a polyurethane outer and PVC inner jacket. The polyurethane outer jacket offers an excellent resistance against mechanical wear due to pulling, bending, cracking and UV exposure, while the PVC inner jacket keeps it easy to handle. The conductor section consists of 4 pairs with stranded 24 AWG conductors which guarantees optimal signal transmission while the double shielding consisting of an overall aluminum foil surrounded by a braiding offers a high immunity to noise and interference caused by external devices.

Supports 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 1000Base-T gigabit networks.

MRC Audio Limiters Available in Australia

MRC Audio Limiters


Intelligent Audio Limiters From Spanish Manufacturer MRC Audio Are Now Available In Australia!


We are delighted to announce that Audio Logistics have been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributors for MRC Audio, manufacturers of Intelligent Audio Limiters.

Established in 1991, MRC Audio design and manufacture sound system limiting devices from their facilities in Madrid, Spain.

The EQ Limit audio limiter has been specifically designed for the growing number of music and entertainment venues that are faced with the challenges of noise emission and complaints, helping them to comply to noise restrictions imposed by councils or other regulatory bodies, without affecting their music and entertainment offering.

Numerous included features allow the EQ Limit to invisibly work in the background, ensuring that sound systems do not breach their allowable volume levels. The greatest feature of the MRC Audio EQ Limit is that due to its circuitry and algorithms, the quality of the audio signal (even when heavily limited) is not affected.

Learn more about the world’s smartest audio limiter Here

Caymon Beer Now Available

Caymon Custom Lager


Caymon Custom Lager launched at Integrate 2017


We have teamed up with a local Melbourne brewery to create a custom Caymon Beer, to appeal to the Australian palette yet give a subtle nod to Caymon’s Belgian heritage.

Our Caymon Custom Lager is smooth, subtle and easy drinking. Full-strength, with minimal bitterness and subtle hop inclusions. This easy-drinking style is the perfect complement to our Australian climate and culture, while the low bitterness levels and light-bodied appearance can be compared to some of the lighter Belgian beer styles.

Visitors to the Integrate 2017 tradeshow were treated to a taste of this Australian / Belgian collaboration during our Happy Hour sessions where the Caymon Custom Lager was flowing freely.


Interested in getting some for yourself?
Get In Touch to find out how.

Audac Release SourceCon™ Bluetooth Receiver

Audac BMP40

Audac Bluetooth Receiver for XMP44 Modular Audio Source

Audac have released the BMP40 Bluetooth Receiver SouceCon™ module for the XMP44 modular audio source.
The BMP40 offers wireless connection possibilities for audio playback from any Bluetooth compatible portable device including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

A long range transmission distance (up to 30 meters) is possible depending on the installed environment and media information retrieval (such as track and artist information) is supported.

Playback control is possible from either the connected device or via remote control.

BMP40 Spec Sheet


Technical Specs:

Connection SourceCon™ interface card slot
Inputs Bluetooth receiver
Bluetooth specification V4.1
Class 2 output power
THD+N (@ 1 kHz) < 0.07%
Crosstalk (@ 1 kHz) 80 dB
Outputs Type Balanced stereo line outputs (3-pin Euro Terminal Block (Pitch – 3.81 mm))
Level 8 dB ~ 82 dB
Power Consumption 0.5 W


New GPR Series Racks

Caymon GPR

Caymon ‘Slide & Turn’ Racks Now Available

The slide-out construction of the Caymon GPR-Series allows rack integration into walls or furniture, while keeping the rear side of the equipment accessible for maintenance and servicing.
The extending equipment bay rotates over a 90° angle in either direction, while a rear cable support allows effective cable management.

[Download not found]
[Download not found]
[Download not found]

New VOID Air-Series Speaker

Void Air8

VOID Release New Air8 Installation Loudspeaker

The Air 8 is an interior designer’s dream come true and a sound purists heaven all rolled into one.
The principles are simple. Take highly refined in-house designed components and marry them with a modern day work of art. Combine that in an install friendly package with endless possibilities of enclosure colour and texture to make the only choice for those seeking perfection.

The Air 8 features an 8” low frequency driver and 1” coaxially-mounted neodymium high frequency compression driver providing increased efficiency.

Stand alone applications for the Air 8 include providing high quality sound for small bars, lounges, restaurants and area fill when used with a larger main system in clubs.


Configuration 1 x 8″ : 1 x 1.4″ Coax
Frequency Response ±3dB 55Hz – 20kHz -3dB
Maximum Output 119dB cont, 121dB peak
Sensitivity 95dB 1w/1m
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling 300 watts rms
Dispersion 90hx90v
Crossover Point 2kHz passive
Connectors Phoenix
Construction Fibreglass
Mounting Air 8 wall bracket (supplied)
Height 420mm(16.54″)
Width 300mm(11.2″)
Depth 172mm(6.77″)
Weight 6.2kg (13.2lbs)
In stock and available for demonstration now.

New EPA Amplifiers

EPA Amplifier

Audac Installation Amplifiers Updated

Audac’s hugely popular DPA amplifier range has been updated to become the new EPA range.

The DPA range of Class-D amplifiers were first released in 2011 and quickly became the go-to amp for many installers looking for great sounding, competitively priced, no nonsense amps.

The new EPA range keeps all of the previously-loved features of the DPA series (including; outstanding sound quality, high efficiency, convection cooling, advanced protection circuitry, lightweight design, single 19″ rackspace) and adds an automatic signal detection circuit to automatically switch the amplifier into standby mode when no audio signal is detected.
The result is an amplifier range which is Energy-Star certified with a standby power consumption of less than 1 Watt across all models.

EPA152 / EPA252 / EPA502
Dual-channel (Stereo) amplifiers containing two individually controllable channels capable of delivering power outputs of 2 x 150 Watt (EPA152), 2 x 250 Watt (EPA252) or 2 x 500 Watt (EPA502) in stereo mode. In bridge mode, an output power of 300 / 500 / 1000 watt can be delivered to a single load.

[Download not found]
[Download not found]
[Download not found]

EPA104 / EPA254
Quad-channel amplifiers containing four individually controllable channels capable of delivering a power of either 4 x 100 Watt (EPA104) or 4 x 250 Watt (EPA254). Each pair of outputs can be bridged, while an integrated (selectable) active crossover network applies high-pass and low-pass filters to the channels, creating a sub / top configuration for a stereo system with bass cabinet.

[Download not found]
[Download not found]

Features at a glance
  • Energy-Star Certified
  • Standby Energy Saving Mode
  • Class-D
  • Lightweight
  • Convection Cooled
  • Advanced Protection Circuitry
  • High Efficiency
  • Stereo-Parallel-Bridge Mode
  • Internal X-Over Network
    (4-channel models only)

Please Note:
The only DPA model which remains in the Audac range is the DPA616 (16 x 60 Watt).
A great choice for multi-zone audio installations and a perfect match to the M2 Multimedia Matrix & MTX Smart Audio Matrix.

DPA616 Spec Sheet

Audac Touch™ Update

Audac Touch

Audac Touch™ Upgraded to v1.0.5

Audac have released a major update for the Audac Touch™ total system control platform.

This update is the largest since the initial release of Audac Touch™ and brings significantly more features to the already impressive control system.

What is Audac Touch™?

Audac Touch™ is a system control platform offering total control of your Audac devices.
A variety of functions from multiple devices can be merged together as widgets on a single screen (known as a dashboard). Dashboards can be configured and customised for individual users and then saved in the cloud allowing system control from any mobile device.

What hardware can I use with Audac Touch™?

Audac Touch™ will operate on any Apple or Android device.
The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

So What’s New?

There are three new major inclusions in the v1.0.5 update:

  1. Lockable Dashboards
  2. Project Sharing
  3. Device Templates


Audac Touch™ – The Interview
highlights some of the many features

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