Stands and Brackets

CAYMON’s range of microphone and speaker stands, mounts and accessories will ensure that you’re gear is positioned exactly where you need it, no matter if it’s for a permanent installation or just for one night.

CAYMON Microphone Stands

A CAYMON microphone stand might just be a stage technician and musician’s best friend!
They’re the most important piece of equipment to ensure that your expensive microphone stays firmly where you want it to be.
Ideal for use in the studio or on stage, various stand options are available to suit your varying placement requirements for vocal and instrument microphones.

CAYMON Speaker Stands and Brackets

For an optimal sound experience, the placement of a speaker plays a very important role. No matter whether you want to wallmount, suspend or stand-mount your speaker, CAYMON has you covered with a range of mounting options to allow your speakers to be mounted at the ideal height, with reliable safety features.

Speaker Stand
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Speaker Pole
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Speaker Bracket
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