Fancy A Beer?

We’ve teamed up with a Melbourne craft brewery to create a custom beer for us.
We call it the
CAYMON Session Ale
and we provide it free of charge to Audio and AV Professionals who use CAYMON Professional Equipment Racks and Flightcases.

Last Spring we developed our own beer, the CAYMON Custom Lager.
It combined the crisp, refreshing qualities of an Australian lager, but with minimal bitterness as a subtle nod to CAYMON’s Belgian heritage.
We launched it at the 2017 Integrate tradeshow in Melbourne and supplied it on our stand during happy hour.

If you’d like to learn more about the CAYMON Custom Lager, you can find further information Here 

This year, we’ve turned to the beer legends over at The Public Brewery to construct a new beer for us for 2018.
The CAYMON Session Ale is full-flavoured, lightly-hopped and very ‘sessionable’.
It’s the kind of beer that’s best enjoyed after a long day in the AV trenches (whether in the office or on the tools).

The CAYMON Session Ale is only available from us, but you can check our the other Public Brewery brews Here 

The following CAYMON products are included in the 2018 CAYMON Session Ale promotion.
Professional Equipment Racks:

SPR Series
Floorstanding Racks

Premium floorstanding racks, complete with reversible tempered glass front and steel rear doors with easy-swing locks, removable and lockable side panels, adjustable 19” profiles, leveling feet & wheels.

WPR Series
Wallmount Racks

Premium wallmount racks, complete with a reversible tempered glass front door with a wing-knob lock, removable and lockable sides, adjustable 19” profiles & inbuilt ventilation grid on top panel.

GPR Series
Slide-Out Racks

The slide-out construction allows rack integration into walls or furniture, while keeping the rear side of the equipment accessible for maintenance and servicing. The extending equipment bay rotates 90° in either direction, while a rear cable support allows effective cable management.

OPR Series
Open-Frame Racks

The rugged construction made of the OPR Series, made from 2.5mm thick steel allows pre-loading of the equipment before transportation to the installation site. The racks can be either wallmounted or used floorstanding and multiple racks can be stacked together allowing for future expansion.

PR Series
Freestanding Racks

The PR Series equipment racks feature an open front side for direct equipment access and a  removable rear panel (with cable access slot) for easy installation and cabling.

Professional Flightcases:

FC Series
19″ Rackmount Cases

Premium quality flightcases equipped with ProShield™ top layer, detachable front and back lids and Penn-Elcom® hardware such as heavy-duty ball corners, rivet protected recessed flip handles and MOL™ type butterfly latches.

Wireless Mic Kit Case

Especially designed for use with wireless microphone systems, the front and rear covers contain inbuilt storage compartments suitable for storing handheld or beltpack transmitters. of the matching transmitters. A ProShield™ protective layer and Penn-Elcom® hardware ensure suitability for all environments.

FCE Series
Trunk Cases (Packers)

Premium quality trunk flightcases equipped with ProShield™ top layer, hinged top cover and Penn-Elcom® hardware. The internal usable space can be divided in various individual compartments using optional divider plates, trays and the FCI Series 19” rack inserts.

FCI Series
Modular Rack Systems

The FCI Series are modular 19″ rack cases which can be combined together in the FCE Trunk Cases (listed above) or used stand-alone. They are constructed from high-quality 15mm plywood, finished in a durable and scratch resistant EPDM paintwork, have ergonomic carry handles and Penn-Elcom® slam latches.

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