AUDAC’s microphone solutions include digital paging systems, vocal handheld and headset microphones along with low-profile microphones for permanent installation.

No matter what the application, with AUDAC microphones you can be sure that your message will be heard loud and clear!

Powerful, reliable and very functional multi-zone digital paging and announcement systems can be easily configured and deployed using a combination of AUDAC APM digital paging consoles, ARU intelligent relay units and the APC100 configuration and control unit.

This AUDAC solution allows the creation of very intelligent and multi-faceted paging solutions of any size which provide; multi-zone paging, prerecorded voice-file announcements, timed messages and the control of external devices (open doors, close blinds, etc).

AUDAC’s handheld and headworn microphones are suitable for speech, music and other demanding vocal applications.

The handheld microphones are characterised by their robust grilles which protect the diaphragms against rough handling, making them a preferred choice for presenters and singers. They are available with or without an on/off switch.

The headworn microphones are available as either ‘clip-on’ or ‘headset’ configurations with either omni or cardioid capsules. A clever removable cable design allows the mic cable to be quickly exchanged, allowing the microphones to be used with various beltpack transmitters from multiple manufacturers.

AUDAC Installation Microphones

These AUDAC installation microphones are discreet, low-profile and designed to be used in speech and music reinforcement systems in spaces such as conference rooms, houses of worship, function venues and auditoriums.

The range includes flexible shotgun, pipe-neck and hanging microphone solutions.
All models feature miniature integrated gooseneck sections, allowing precise microphone placement in any situation.

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