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Audac Subwoofers

With a perfect balance between power and size, these Audac Subwoofers offer the best performance for any application. Their bass reflex designs are engineered to be as compact as possible and they’ve been designed to harmoniously blend-in to any interior.

Audac NOBA Subwoofer

NOBA is a compact 8″ bass cabinet which is characterized by an innovative & unique design. The curved cabinet is made from 4mm aircraft-grade aluminum and allows placement against a wall, on the ceiling or even underneath furniture.

NOBA8 is a passive subwoofer cabinet loaded with an 8” high-performance woofer which features a 2.4” voice coil, large magnet and low-loss suspension.

NOBA8A features an integrated Class-D amplifier which provides power for the 8″ woofer along with stereo speaker outputs, allowing it to power satellite speakers to create a complete sub / sat system. It uses AUDAC’s WaveDynamics™ technology, which allows the user to easily set up the optimal acoustic configuration for the selected speakers and the acoustics of the room. An RMT40 RF remote control can be used to allow handheld control of NOBA’s basic functionalities, even while hidden out of sight.

NOBA8 and NOBA8A are available in either Black or White finish and come supplied with a wallmount bracket.

Audac BASO Subwoofers

BASO are passive bass-reflex subwoofer cabinets, engineered to be as compact as possible while giving the maximum performance in terms of audio quality and sound pressure. The carefully selected high-grade materials in collaboration with accurate acoustical craftsmanship results in a deep and true-to-nature reproduction of bass. A recessed connector dish allows close placement to any wall or corner, while included rigging points and an optional wall-mount bracket, make BASO the perfect choice when subwoofers cannot be located on the ground.

BASO subwoofers are available loaded with either 10”, 12″, 15″ or 18″ high-performance woofers which are highly efficient with wide frequency ranges.
They are available in either Black or White finish.

Audac FX Series Outdoor Speaker Systems

The FX series is a unique and versatile speaker solution. A truly modular system which can be scaled and adapted for every outdoor application where a powerful system with a high clarity and sound quality is required.
The FX1.18 is a high-output, horn-loaded single 18” bass cabinet which provides tight, up-front, low frequency reinforcement with attack and definition. The cabinet is coated in a DuraCoat™ textured paintwork which provides a weatherproof and scratch-resistant coating specifically designed for outdoor applications. High UV-resistance ensures that the cabinet will not lose its colour nor paint strength, even after years of use in the outdoor elements.

The FX1.18 subwoofer can be combined with the FX3.15 three-way speaker cabinet to create powerful, modular audio systems for large-scale outdoor audio reinforcement in environments such as arenas, sports stadiums, entertainment venues and educational facilities.
Further information on the FX system can be found as part of our Large-Scale Outdoor Systems.

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