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Audac Outdoor Speakers

These Audac Outdoor Speakers are specifically designed to handle the tough conditions of life in the outdoors.
All of these speakers carry an Ingress Protection (IP) rating along with other weather-resistant features such as aluminium grills, electroplated brackets and sealed terminals so that you know they can handle the toughest weather conditions.

Audac WX Series Outdoor Speakers

WX Series are powerful 2-Way loudspeaker cabinets which are specifically designed for outdoor use. They are perfect for all-weather applications where clear, background music is desirable. The weather-treated low frequency driver is combined with a 1” dome tweeter and installed in an aesthetically-pleasing synthetic enclosure. The included electroplated U-Bracket passes the 96 hours salt-spray test while a drain hole built into the speaker cabinet (behind the aluminium front grill) allows moisture to flow out of the speaker cabinet when condensation occurs. Audac AWX5™ rotatable waterproof connector on the rear side of the loudspeaker ensures that there are no exposed terminals.

WX series speakers carry an Ingress Protection rating of IP55 and are available in either black or white finish. They can be used in both 100v and low impedance audio systems.

Audac HS Series Horn Speakers

The HS Series are 2-way horn loaded loudspeakers which are specifically engineered to provide a long-throw, full-range sound projection in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

They are available with either an 8″ or 12” high-output LF driver and a neodymium compression driver, which is coaxially mounted to the driver in a 40° x 40° horn flare. The enclosures are constructed out of a multi-layer glass composite material with a durable scratch resistant EPDM coating. The aluminum front grills are lined with an acoustical transparent and water eliminating backing and a waterproof connection box provides superior protection for the system terminals.
The combination of these features give the HS series horns an IP65 rating.

Audac FX Series Outdoor Speaker Systems

The FX series is a unique and versatile speaker solution. Combining the FX1.18 bass cabinet with the FX3.15 3-way loudspeaker cabinet creates a truly modular system which can be scaled and adapted for every outdoor application where a powerful system with a high clarity and sound quality is required. The compact enclosures are provided with weatherproof and scratch resistant DuraCoat™ textured paintwork and are fitted with eight carry handles allowing easy carriage and handling of the system. The integrated metal rigging frame allows easy and secure rigging, allowing multiple cabinets to be rigged together.

The FX3.15 is a 3-Way high-output, active driven compact High / Mid / Mid-Bass speaker cabinet which includes a 15” horn-loaded Mid-Bass driver, 6” loaded mid speaker and 1.75” compression driver. The MF and HF drivers are mounted to a rotatable 90° x 40° horn.
The FX1.18 is a high-output, horn-loaded single 18” bass cabinet which provides tight, up-front, low frequency reinforcement with attack and definition.

The FX Series are finished in a black DuraCoat™ finish and suitable for outdoor applications, with the ingress protection rating of IP-X5.

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