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Audac Innovative Flush-Mount Speakers

These Audac Innovative Flush-Mount Speakers are flush-mount, in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers which provide exceptional sound quality and tremendous value for a huge number of applications, ranging from paging and announcements to background music systems.

Audac CELO High-End In-Ceiling Speakers

CELO Series in-ceiling speakers provide an elegant look with minimal visual impact. The high-end components guarantee an optimal experience for every situation and application.
All CELO Series speakers come supplied with a SlimLine™ Grill which features an extremely thin border of only 1mm and a limited grill depth which emerges from the ceiling surface by only 3.2mm. Installation of the speakers is made simple with the inclusion of Audac’s QuickFix™ mounting mechanism and the GoldCon™ connectors.

CELO2 features a 2″ aluminium cone, full-range driver in a ported enclosure and is available in 8ohm and 16ohm variants. They have an outer diameter of only 118mm, which makes them the same size as a standard downlight lighting fixture.

CELO6 combines a 6″ aluminium cone woofer with 1” aluminum cone tweeter. The tweeter is mounted on an acoustically-optimised arm which allows it to float in front of the 6″ woofer.

CELO8 shares the same design as the CELO6 speaker model, but features a larger 8″ aluminium cone woofer. The larger speaker size provides a greater frequency response and higher power handling.

Audac MERO High-End In-Wall Speakers

The MERO Series are high-end, slim, rectangular loudspeakers. The combination of high-grade materials. and detailed craftsmanship has resulted in a speaker range which is superior in their class.
MERO features an elegant look with minimal visual impact, thanks to the SlimLine™ Grill which provides a border of only 1mm and a total depth off the wall of only 3.2mm. The QuickFix™ mounting mechanism and GoldCon™ connectors ensure ease of installation either vertically or horizontally.
The MERO Series shares a lot of components with the CELO Series, making it possible to mix and match products from both ranges in installations, whilst maintaining the same tonality.

MERO2 utilises a 2” aluminum cone driver which provides a full-range, warm and detailed sound, with an improved response in the low frequencies due to a ported enclosure with closed back can. An internal self-resetting network provides an optimal overload protection.

MERO5 consists of a 5” aluminum cone woofer and complementary 1” dome tweeter. An acoustically optimized waveguide matches the dispersion of woofer and tweeter, while a phaseplug reduces diffraction and enhances off-axis high frequency response.

MERO6 shares the same construction as the smaller MERO5 model, but utilises a 6″ aluminium cone woofer in place of the 5″. Both models feature a pivoting tweeter housing, allowing the sound to be directed to the intended recipients.

Audac CIRA QuickFit In-Ceiling Speakers

CIRA Series has been designed to offer the best quality to value for money ratio of any flush-mount loudspeaker on the market!
CIRA speakers are coaxial, 2-way flush-mount, ceiling speakers featuring exceptional intelligibility and musical performance. The TwistFix™ borderless grill design offers a solid assembly and a completely seamless transition from grill to ceiling, resulting in a perfect blend into the surrounding environment. The QuickFit™ installation system combined with FastCon™ connectors offers lifetime stability and great installers convenience.

All CIRA models feature a polypropylene low frequency driver combined with a 1” mylar tweeter which has been fitted with a phase plug for excellent off axis performance.

Audac SSP500 Sauna Speaker

The SSP500 is a flush-mount loudspeaker, especially designed to be used in rooms with a very high temperature and level of humidity, such as saunas, bathrooms, swimming pool areas, etc.

A 5″ woofer and 1″ tweeter produce a natural and detailed sound, while the aluminum grill, ABS surround and polypropylene driver allow it to be installed in environments with extreme levels of humidity and temperature.

The SSP500 has an IP rating of IP44, is suitable for areas wit high humidity levels and is heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius.

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