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Audac Innovative Surface-Mount Speakers

This extensive range of Audac Innovative Surface-Mount Speakers redefine good-looking, great-sounding loudspeakers for commercial environments. Their sleek cabinet designs and true-to-nature audio reproduction make them suitable for both speech and music applications in a wide-ranging number of applications.

Audac ATEO Surface-Mount Speakers

ATEO Series is an extraordinary range of designer loudspeakers suitable for fixed installations. They feature sleek, modern, curved ABS housings which are fitted with high quality audio components. The bespoke Clevermount™ bracket brings the speaker cabinet and mounting bracket together which results in a visually-stunning solution which completely conceals the speaker cables and connection terminals whilst being extremely easy to install.

ATEO2 is the ultra-compact model of this series which smoothly integrates into any interior like no other loudspeaker. The sound originates from a 2” aluminum cone driver which provides a warm and detailed sound, with an improved response in the low frequencies due to the ported design. An internal self-resetting network provides an optimal overload protection.

ATEO4 is a compact speaker cabinet containing a 4” low-frequency woofer and a 1” high-frequency dome tweeter. It also has an inbuilt 100v transformer allowing it to be used in 100v line distributed systems as well as in low impedance applications.

ATEO6 is a larger version of the ATEO4 speaker design. It utilises a 6″ low-frequency woofer for extended low freqency reproduction and a more powerful 100v transformer.

Audac WX Series Outdoor Speakers

WX Series are powerful 2-Way loudspeaker cabinets which cab be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. A weather-treated low frequency driver is combined with a 1” dome tweeter and installed in an aesthetically-pleasing synthetic enclosure. The included electroplated U-Bracket passes the 96 hours salt-spray test while a drain hole built into the speaker cabinet (behind the aluminium front grill) allows moisture to flow out of the speaker cabinet when condensation occurs. Audac AWX5™ rotatable waterproof connector on the rear side of the loudspeaker ensures that there are no exposed terminals.

WX series speakers carry an Ingress Protection rating of IP55 and are available in either black or white finish. They can be used in both 100v and low impedance audio systems.

Audac XENO & VEXO Series Loudspeakers

XENO & VEXO are contemporary and elegantly-designed loudspeakers for fixed audio installations in modern environments.

The XENO 6  model includes a 1” dome tweeter and a 6” Mid / Low frequency driver, whilst the more powerful VEXO 8 features a 1″ compression driver and an 8″ Mid / Low frequency driver, resulting in higher power handling and greater output level.  Both models’ cabinets are constructed from timber and are fitted with a slim and elegant front grill. As a result, they are suitable for multiple scenarios where the audio system must create the right atmosphere both aesthetically and musically. Perfect for contemporary retail stores and restaurants where a clear background sound is desired as well as venues such as clubs and pubs where the sound goes up after the sun goes down.

The included mounting bracket makes it possible to mount the loudspeakers in both horizontal and vertical positions and a safety cable is included, which provides ‘double-drop’ safety and stability.
VEXO 8 can also be used in portable applications with the addition of a top-hat pole adaptor.

Audac KYDO, AXIR & GIAX Column Speakers

KYDO, AXIR & GIAX are designer column speaker with an extraordinary sound and surprisingly high power, for use in all applications where audibility of music and speech is most important.

They features a number of 2″ drivers. KYDO & AXIR can be used in 100v line high impedance systems and all three models can be used in low impedance setups.

The housings are made of aluminum, making them stylish, light-weight columns and the specially designed wall bracket makes it possible to focus the speaker in any direction, to obtain the best possible audibility.

All models are available in black and white finish and AXIR is also available in a weatherproof model (AXIRO).

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