Audio Tools

This range of AUDAC Audio Tools provides an assortment of audio solutions and problem solvers in robust, compact, rack-mountable enclosures.

The range includes mini amplifier solutions, a universal input adaptor, a configuration & control unit and the very handy audio gateway system.

Audac AMP Mixer / Amplifiers

The AUDAC AMP20MK2 and AMP523MK2 products are mini stereo mixer-amplifiers which provide a perfect solution for small speaker systems requiring compact and economical audio solutions.

Both models include both microphone and line-level inputs and also allow the connection of additional inputs remotely via standard CAT cable.
External control of the amplifiers is possible via optional wallmixers and keypads while the AMP523MK2 model also supports RS232 and TCP/IP control and is compatible with AUDAC’s own control app AUDAC Touch™.

The ATU44MK2 is a universal input adapter which allows you to convert audio signals, such as from speaker level to line-level or from unbalanced to balanced.
Galvanic isolation is present between the inputs and outputs making the ATU44MK2 effective in solving hum and buzz problems caused by ground loops.

Audac Audio Gateway System

The AUDAC Audio Gateway System accepts analog input signals and transmits them over standard CAT5 (or better) cabling allowing for long transmission distances (up to 600 metres) without interference.
The system consists of an APG20MKII receiver plus a WLI18 line-input wallplate and / or a WMI18 microphone input wallplate.

Audac Universal Configuration and Control Unit

The APC100MK2 is a configuration and control unit which can be connected to a wide variety of ‘smart’ AUDAC devices via its TCP/IP, RS-232 & RS-485 control ports.
It can also be used as a network gateway, receiving serial communication and converting it into TCP/IP format and vice-versa. This allows system integration for devices without integrated network capabilities.

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