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Audio Sources

A complete range of modular and stand-alone audio player solutions, offering sublime sound quality and flexible control options, making them the perfect choice for both fixed and mobile applications.

Audac Audio Players

The XMP44 is a fully-flexible modular audio system. Its SourceCon™ connectivity slots allow installation of up to four audio modules including; FM/DAB/DAB+ tuners, contact & time triggered voice file interfaces, internet audio players, USB media players/recorders and Bluetooth receivers.
The XMP44 is both RS-232 and TCP/IP controllable allowing implementation with home & industrial automation systems while the optional ANX44 Dante Interface Card can be added to allow connection to Dante Networks.

Audac Stand-alone Audio Sources

Audac manufactures a complete range of stand alone audio sources, suitable for use in any fixed or mobile installation. All stand alone sources can be controlled via RS-232, while the DSP40, ISP40 and MSP40 models also support control via the RMT40 handheld RF remote.

The CMP30 is an ‘All-In-One’ digital audio source which accommodates multiple audio sources into one single device. It combines a CD-Player, MP3 (USB & SD) player and AM/FM RDS tuner into a 1RU, 19” housing, offering a flexible, multi-functional and compact solution for many applications.

The DSP40 is a professional DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner which provides access to a wide variety of radio stations while guaranteeing a high-quality audio reproduction. Useful information such as radio station RDS / Radiotext information and signal reception strength are indicated.

The ISP40 is a professional internet radio player featuring the unique Linum™ technology which eleminates any unwanted behaviour such as sudden channel hopping or music stops. An internal buffer will avoid any music interruptions for short term connection interruptions and will make sure the audio stream will be automatically restored afterwards. The ISP40 synchronizes with the vTuner database which contains over 30,000 channels.

The MSP40 is a professional media player/recorder supporting a wide variety of compressed and lossless audio formats including; MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, WMA and WAV file types. All media information including track, artist, playback mode, … are indicated on the graphical user interface, while playback modes are selectable between single or continuous play and various repeat and random play modes are available.

Audac Audio Source Accessories

The ANX44 is a Dante audio network interface for installation in the XMP44 modular audio system,  allowing it to be integrated into any Dante enabled AV network and flawlessly transfer digital audio with any compatible product on the market.

The RMT40 is a remote control allowing operation of the DSP40, ISP40 and MSP40 stand-alone audio sources. The 2.4 GHz wireless technology features a transmission distance of up to 10 meters, allowing out of sight operation with great advantage compared to regular IR systems.

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