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Audio Matrix Systems

Audac’s audio matrix products deliver comprehensive multi-zone solutions for nearly every situation. With their large number of extension modules and configuration modes, they can be implemented into a large number of installations – large or small, simple or complex.
All matrixes can be controlled by means of additional control panels, integrated web-server interfaces, RS232 or the AUDAC Touch™ control app for iOS and Android devices.

Audac M2 Multimedia Audio Matrix

The M2 is a Multimedia audio distribution system which can effortlessly process, mix and route audio signals throughout multiple zones in modern environments.
In general, it is an 9 x 8 digital audio mixer which is based on 11 powerful DSP processors. It is fully digitally controllable through a web browser interface, optional touch panel, wall panels, RS232 control and the Audac Touch™ control app for iOS and Android devices.
The built-in digital mixer makes it possible to mix all input signals together and patch them to any of the stereo output zones.
The OPT2 fiber interconnection interfaces allow multiple M2 units to be cascaded together, creating almost endless possibilities for large-scale multi-zone systems. The use of optical fiber as the interface allows distribution over tremendous distances (One kilometre between each M2 Matrix!)

Various optional controllers can be added to the system including the M2DIS 7″ touchscreen display which can be incorprated into the front panel of the M2 matrix.
The DW5066 is an ‘All-in-One’ Wall panel controller provides simple control of audio source and scene selections, volume adjustment, tone control and zone muting. Inbuilt microphone and line-level inputs allow connection of local audio sources.
The DW3020 is a basic wall panel controller allowing the user the to select the desired audio source or scene and adjust the volume level for a single audio zone.

APM digital paging consoles are the perfect complement to M2 when multi-zone paging is required. Their inbuilt compressor / limiter and status indicators ensure the message is clear and audible in all situations. Multiple console options are available, including models which feature either 4, 8, or 16 fully-programmable event buttons, which can be used for a multitude of features including zone selection, triggering pre-programmed voice files as well as controlling external functions.

The ARU Relays are specially designed, flexible relay modules which provide additional system functionality and control. Multiple ARU units can be cascaded together, offering a wide range of possibilities for all kinds of applications.

Audac MTX Smart Audio Matrix

MTX48 (4-zone) and MTX88 (8-zone) are cost-effective, multi-zone, stereo audio matrix systems. They feature two balanced microphone inputs (with priority and phantom power) and four stereo line-level inputs. MTX matrix systems can be controlled by means of wallmount control panels, an in-built fully functional web based interface, iOS and Android control apps or via RS-232. A 24volt power connection makes it possible to keep the MTX running on emergency power, even if the mains power is shut down.

The MWX65 is an ‘All-in-One’ wall panel controller allowing input selection, volume, bass & treble control using the versatile rotatable push-dial, while the integrated 2.5” graphical display ensures a user friendly experience. An XLR connector is provided as an additional microphone input (phantom power available), while RCA connectors also allow a line source to be connected.
The MWX45 is a wall panel controller which gives the user the ability to select the desired audio source and adjust the volume level for a single audio zone.
WLI18 (line-level) and WMI18 (mic level) wallplates are also available to allow integration of local audio sources.

MPX microphones are available with ether four or eight zone paging buttons and have been specifically designed for use with MTX matrices. Their construction is made of weighted ABS material and finished with an acrylic top panel. The buttons are integrated using the capacitive touch principle without any mechanically moving parts. Selection & status LED’s are integrated below the acrylic surface, giving an indication of the selected zones and databus status. The integrated, cardioid, pipe-neck microphone can be tilted to the desired angle.

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