Audac Touch™ Update

Audac Touch

Audac Touch™ Upgraded to v1.0.5

Audac have released a major update for the Audac Touch™ total system control platform.

This update is the largest since the initial release of Audac Touch™ and brings significantly more features to the already impressive control system.

What is Audac Touch™?

Audac Touch™ is a system control platform offering total control of your Audac devices.
A variety of functions from multiple devices can be merged together as widgets on a single screen (known as a dashboard). Dashboards can be configured and customised for individual users and then saved in the cloud allowing system control from any mobile device.

What hardware can I use with Audac Touch™?

Audac Touch™ will operate on any Apple or Android device.
The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

So What’s New?

There are three new major inclusions in the v1.0.5 update:

  1. Lockable Dashboards
  2. Project Sharing
  3. Device Templates


Audac Touch™ – The Interview
highlights some of the many features

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