AUDAC MBK556 Speaker Pole

AUDAC Outdoor Loudspeaker Mounting Pole

The AUDAC MBK556 is a slim and durable bi-directional mounting solution which has been specifically designed for our AUDAC WX502 outdoor loudspeakers.

Constructed from aluminium and finished in a weather-resistant black powder coating, it can be installed in permanent outdoor locations, while a weatherproof junction box provides internal wiring through its structure resulting in a very elegant end result.

The multifunctional design makes it possible to mount either one or two WX502 loudspeakers to each pole, providing optimal audio coverage in all directions. It is perfectly suited to being mounted in a garden bed, on a deck or to any other solid structure, providing a solution for outdoor bars, beer gardens, cafés, public spaces, schools, carparks or anywhere an elegant outdoor audio solution is required.


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