In 2010 we launched a unique, bespoke, audio distribution company.
Since then, we’ve partnered with hundreds of audio professionals to help deliver thousands of audio solutions.


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MRC Audio
Void Acoustics
Latest Product News
  • Automatic device discovery AUDAC Touch™ 2 will automatically discover and recognize all devices connected on your network, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly add them to your own custom dashboards.
    New Features for AUDAC Touch 2™
  • AUDAC MBK556 Speaker Pole
    AUDAC Outdoor Loudspeaker Mounting Pole
  • PROCAB TST200 Cable Tester
    PROCAB Multifunctional Cable Tester
  • CAYMON OPR Series Rack
    New Design For CAYMON Open-frame Racks
  • Ground-Breaking Upgrade for AUDAC System Manager
    PROCAB DuraFlex™ CAT5E Networking Cables
  • MRC Audio Limiters Available in Australia
  • Caymon Beer Now Available
  • AUDAC Release SourceCon™ Bluetooth Receiver
  • Caymon GPR
    New GPR Series Racks
  • New VOID Air-Series Speaker
  • New EPA Amplifiers
  • Dante Module For Audac Audio Player
  • AUDAC Preamp
    AUDAC Preamp Range Renewed

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